Planning and directing photoshoots
Over the years I've organised and art directed numerous shoots for major clients such as Unilever, P&G, Smith+Nephew, Nestlé, Tesco, Logitech, Cineworld and their many products and brands. I've worked with outstanding photographers on many varied projects, from luxury aircraft to cat food, organic meals ideas to fabric softener, cinema experiences to tablet keyboards.
Over the years I've garnered extensive experience with project planning shoots and putting together fantastic photography briefs. I run castings and selections, love working with models and stylists, and I'm great with clients on the shoot too.
Most importantly of all I thoroughly enjoy the shoots that I plan and direct, bringing energy and creativity to the day.
Photoshoot examples
Some photographers I’ve worked with:
Clive Streeter
Tara Moore
Tony Hutchings
Hilary Moore
Alister Thorpe
David Clerihew
Matt Cooke
Packshot Factory
A sensory-inspired shoot for a multinational client featuring a series of models and visual stories, shot by Matt Cooke. The brief was challenging but we kept the shooting fast and loose, helping our models to find their rhythm. 
A shoot for the global launch of Logitech's FabricSkin iPad keyboard and cover. Shot by Tara Moore across a number of locations in East London, featuring a team of four models, two stylists and myself.
A very interesting shoot carried out for Cineworld Unlimited, shot by photographer David Clerihew. We had one model for the entire shoot, who we tasked to display a large number of different emotional responses across the day. I also oversaw the complex retouching. 
Over my career I've planned and shot a large amount of food imagery for numerous clients, with a number of specialist photographers including Clive Streeter and Hilary Moore. Please see my dedicated page here for more information.
A shoot for Olli Cat Food — featuring the "day in the life" of a house cat, teamed with illustrated "diary entries". Occasionally challenging, but ultimately the results were worth the effort.