Scamps, illustration and visualisation
I’ve always sketched when thinking and creating, something I’ve done since my early days of art college. I’m as eager doing it now as I was back then. It just works.
Of course methods and techniques change constantly, and so even though I’m very happy to grab a Sharpie and layout pad, I’m usually found with my iPad Pro and Pencil these days, sketching concepts and storyboards in Procreate or Adobe Sketch. Digital illustration has opened up new possibilities for me, and the benefit to clients is clear as well. I can quickly scamp, add colour and texture, and share within minutes, giving my clients an almost instant idea of what I’m thinking about.
In recent years I’ve developed a more illustrative style, coming from my work on a self-published book about my father and illustrations for my children, and a desire with my clients to try a more finished look and feel.
For clients I’m happy to produce scamps in the traditional Sharpie style, simple and clear, or spend some more time and create full-colour illustrations which can very clearly demonstrate the finished product.
Example scamps
illustration Examples