Storyboards, video and motion design
From developing narratives and storyboards, to putting together rough cuts in Premiere Pro, I’ve embraced in motion design at every opportunity. Some of my most enjoyable motion projects are listed below. 
From 2018 to 2020 I have helped the global healthcare company Smith+Nephew to develop and enhance their video and animation output across their brand and and product portfolio. From concept to editing for a global healthcare audience, through to final production. Work includes promotional videos, web animations, detailed instructional videos, brand reminders.
In 2018 and 2019 I worked on a number of motion design projects for Instinctif Partners and their clients, from narrative development and scripting, through storyboarding and overseeing the video editing and production. Clients (confidential) included a global luxury hospitality brand, a major investment bank, and an iconic drinks brand.
Working for JWT’s Philadelphia client in 2016 I spent a number of weeks storyboarding the food related experiences of the ads, culminating in a week of consulting and art directing on a giant green-screen stage in North West London.
In 2013 I spent an enjoyable week in Montreux with a DP and Producer directing and assisting with a large volume of filmed interviews and location footage for a promo for Glion.
In 2014 I developed a series of storyboard concepts for Cineworld idents celebrating the emotional response to the cinema experience, and in 2013 I developed the concept, storyboarded and directed a global promo video for the launch of Logitech’s Z50 Speaker, as well as working on a number of other Logitech video concepts.
Over the years I've also regularly helped Boston Consulting in using video to enhance and illustrate their pitches and knowledge microsites, from animations to interviews.
I develop narratives and storyboards for my clients, whether written and illustrated, or with sourced imagery, or with a combination of both. As with my scamps and illustration, I’m always looking for new and interesting techniques to help get the message across.
Video projects