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Brand, Creative direction, Digital
Client: BrocklebankPenn  |  Date: 2013
Agency: BrocklebankPenn  |  Type: Agency website 
Collaborators: n/a

Eaton Vance came to StraightEdge with two distinct challenges. Firstly they needed to develop a brand awareness campaign for the European market, somethng that would stand out in a world of clichéd and mediocre creative. Secondly they needed a detailed campaign, in digital and print, to highlight their fixed income investment products.

With the brand campaign under way, we focused our attention on the fixed income campaign, creating copy and visuals for three complex financial products across two distinct audiences. The illustrative style needed to work in both static and animated formats, and the headlines and copy were designed to work across multiple European markets. With the What if? campaign we took some unique and slightly surreal visual propositions and twisted them together with some tight copy to give life to the products, delighting the client and helping them to develop their brand story.