/ FabricSkin

Concept, Creative direction, Digital, Launch
Client: Logitech  |  Date: 2013
Agency: BrocklebankPenn  |  Type: Global product launch 
Collaborators: Photographer — Tara Moore

In the world of tablet keyboards the competition is fierce — amongst the players Logitech has stood out as an innovator and leader. When they showed us their latest folio product, the FabricSkin, we couldn’t wait to get started on the concepts. Aiming squarely at a fashionista audience, rather than tech users, the product aimed to define a new category of folio keyboard.

We took the product and showed it at play on the streets of Shoreditch, complementing the colours and textures of the heart of hip London. With shots by the photographer Tara Moore, the campaign took a fresh look at the way our client talked to their customers — with a full suite of ad, in-store, and digital executions, the product was launched globally with territory specific materials.