/ Angels 2016

Art direction, Video
Client: Philadelphia  |  Date: 2016
Agency: J. Walter Thompson  |  Type: European TVCs 
Collaborators: CD — Jaspar Shelbourne, Creative team — Salt & Pepper

In January 2016 I was asked by JWT London to help them with the new Philadelphia Angels campaign for Mondelez. Brought in because of my extensive experience with food art direction for clients such as Tesco and Unilever, I worked closely with the creative team to develop detailed visuals and storyboards for the series of pan-European TVCs. I worked with the food stylists and production team consulting on everything from localised bread variants to chopping boards and cutlery.

On set for the full seven day shoot I helped with the art direction of all the food-based shots, including the spreading shots, food propping and end-frames. We sought to tell the Philadelphia story in an authentic and honest manner which suited the light-touch creative style.